If you’re looking for a way to spice up your current hair color, look no further. Rose brown hair was the most googled hair trend of 2018 and it is not going anywhere any time soon! It is the perfect way to add a pop of color to a brunette; and just in luck, it won’t overly damage the current state of your hair.

So what is Rose Brown anyway?

It is a touch of blush and pink tones woven into the natural brunette hair color giving the beautiful, luxury appearance of “Rose Brown”.

How would your MTS artist achieve this look for you?

While it may be different from artist to artist, hear from Master Artist Adriana Acosta about how she would tackle this trendy look.

Adriana Acosta

“For my guest, I would start with a foliage, which is a family member of the balayage technique. By using this technique it would allow me to have a variety of lighter pieces within the hair to help create dimension while still keeping the natural brunette when I add the rosy tone; which in the end will create your perfect Rose Brown”
- MTS Artist Adriana

So, have we sold you on this trendy look yet?

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