speed of light

Try the NEW Speed of Light blow-dry accelerator spray from Aveda.

According to the experts over at Aveda “3 out of 5 women agreed 90% naturally derived, multi-benefit blow dry spray reduced blow dry time by 50%”

Wow cut your blow-dry time in HALF?! And if you're not sold yet, let’s give you some more amazing info on this magical spray.

While it speeds up your blow-dry time, it also detangles your hair and it helps reduce hair breakage by 93%! Not to mention it is made with only the best ingredients. This includes, certified organic mandarin, star anise, ylang ylang, and other plant essences.

So How Do You Use This Magic in a Bottle?

Step 1: Wash your hair with your pure-scribed Aveda shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2: Shake Speed of Light well to mix the ingredients together.

Step 3: Part your hair into sections.

Step 4: Saturate each section with Speed of Light

Step 5: Blowdry and style as normal

You can pick this up during your next visit at Maggie The Salon
in Plantation or in Pembroke Pines